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  • great news, Much awaited

  • If you missed the conference, you can see videos of the conference at There are thumbnails of each session at SharePoint Conference sessions

  • It looks tight. I like the Windows Phone 7 applications. Does it have an application similar to  the Android shazam app?

  • Although I'm following them all on twitter, it'd be useful to share their twitter usernames too so that the community can catch them there - I've always found the guys (as well as Eric Nelson) a cracking resource.



  • Thank for the great article. We are using MVC 3 Preview (just upgraded to Beta) so Im interested in the "cross-field validation framework in the box" you mentioned. Where can i find more information on it. I can't seem to find alot of information out there on it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • "Hey, yeah guys, you know when I said I could sell anything..."

  • Hey I know them, they run my phone

  • Hey I know them, they run my phone

  • This new fabric conditioner has done nothing for my cool shirt

  • How not to thumb a Lift to Redmond :-)

  • Come on guys, I know you like to play jokes on the interns but come on...

    ...gluing my thumb to this sign, isn't that taking things a little too far!!!

  • TV Show The Apprentice sets it's toughest challenge yet.


  • Human shaped full stop used in new Microsoft logo

  • Now we just have to work on reducing the size of Windows Phone 3D so it'll fit in your pocket.

  • Look at your logo, now back at mine. This is the logo your logo could look like...

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