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  • I'll be the exclamation mark and we'll just pretend we bought Yahoo!

  • "I've had a great idea for a company name...registered trademark? er, no, I think it's free"

  • Hurry up, take the picture, I need mum to think I have a job, *** SECURITY'S HEADED THIS WAY!

  • Hitchhiker's guide to cyberspace

  • I may be an intern, but I hear you guys have an opening for Chief Software Architect?

  • "I bet none of my mates got one of these last night! Sure beats a Traffic Cone!"

  • Lured by the promise of a multi-touch WP7 smartphone, Rafal enters rehabilitation at Microsoft following years of one-thumb texting.

  • "Quick, I've won the raffle". Cool undergraduate Rafal Kwiek promotes the mobile industry's newest, coolest underdog, Windows Phone 7.

  • Looking for Microsoft? It's this way.

  • I have talent, I have drive, I have ambition, but I had to intern here...

  • Rafal pitches his new futuristic coffins to Microsoft hoping that they'll be used for all the redundant iPhones and Blackberrys since WP7's launch..

  • "Microsoft launches new type of life-size thumbnail sign"

  • Not quite the Hollywood sign, is it!

  • 1: Shouldnt we change this to iCrosoft?

    2: Which joker put this here?

  • i've been using my windows 7 phone so much...look what's sprouted from my thumb!

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