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  • "Woah! The photo thumbnail quality on this phone is truly something!"


    "Steve Ballmer jumps in the DeLorean to travel back to the future and announce a new, super awesome platform before anybody else"

  • Hey, I'm sure I've heard of these guys.  Aren't they run by Alan Sugar?

  • I'll do the pose for the competition as long as you give me my new phone back!

  • I am an intern and I want to invent Windows 8

  • Hello ladies, look at the logo, now look at me, now back to the logo, now back to me. What, you think the logo is sexier? Huh?

  • Announcing Microsoft Bob 7, real life user-friendly counterpart that helps you with all your Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 needs.

  • Wow, I'm a Microsoft Interm for this year, I'm only here for two reasons... First being cool to work with Microsoft, but not forgetting I heard that they can escape me from my other phones! Now give my HTC HD7 phone back #windowsphone7

  • Rafal had already impressed everyone with his perfect Microsoft logo ice sculpture, created entirely with the skillful movements of his chisel-like thumb.

    "Wait until you see my life size Steve Ballmer", he said, nodding at the untouched block of ice waiting in front of him.

  • Rafal's smile soon disappeared when he realised it was his phone they were giving away!

  • Interns can't afford cars! Using this picture to hitch a lift to Microsoft.

  • Intern faces giant trough of milk at Microsoft

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper joins Microsoft. Bazinga !

  • "There are interns, and then theres MS Interns!"

  • and the award for 'Best Body Art in Dedication to a Corporatoion' goes to....

  • Fred's thumb nail modification seemed like a good idea at the time....

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