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  • Dear Diary,

    Internship at Microsoft is hard! Today I had to clean this! Thank goodness for Cillit Bang.

  • not even the combination of levitating the ms logo from a box and launching into his own jive could impress the Oracle girls next door

  • This is my life to a tee.

  • On his first day as an Intern at Microsoft, Rafal was so excited that he forgot to tuck his shirt in.

    When he arrived at the office, he was serverely punished by having to hold up the Microsoft logo with his thumb.

  • Rafal shows off his new Microsoft Thumb...nail he just had done at the local Nail bar.

  • I've got a guy at Microsoft under my thumb, he's over there!

  • See, if you look closely, you can see the soul I used to have.

  • When Microsoft said "Be What's Next!", they didn't mean "next to the sign"

  • Also in the news today...Microsoft releases beta version of of it's new entry into the "where's Wally" market..

  • Look what I achieved, I'm an intren at Microsoft!

  • It's my middle name ;)

  • In the voice of a football results announcer:

    Windows Phone 7, Intern Nil

  • If I point long enough at this sign, I hope people don't notice that I forgot to iron my shirt.

  • This sounds like an innovative app. It's all well and good that you have a camera on your phone, but having the ability to get the pictures out of it again--and in such an interesting, useful way--seems like a good deal. I'd be curious to see if people are willing to pay what you are asking--to me it seems about double what the going rate for internet related services go for nowadays.

    Anyway, good luck with the launch.

  • Hi Rachel,

    My laptop has a 3 hour battery life (less when I'm using wi-fi) and this is a 7 hour event - will we be able to get power in the conference room?

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