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  • Hi Tom, the most comprehensive list on the internet for all UK developer events is on they have all the Microsoft events as well as the user group events and loads of others as well. It's well worth a look if you're trying to keep track of everything. We also highlight in every newsletter any upcoming Microsoft technology related events and user group meetings.

  • Thanks for this post. There are very few articles about C++/CX guidelines.

    I've looked at the code and noticed that your whole app is in C++/CX. Even the model classes are ref classes, and are even using only Platform types.

    I've written myself a few C++/CX code, and I also end up with the same problem: the whole app MUST be in C++/CX.

    Herb Sutter claims that C++/CX should only be used as a thin boundary in a C++/CX program, and the main app code should be standard C++.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to use C++/CX in an app as a thin boundary. One reason for that is a winrt class public method cannot have standard C++ parameters. Only winrt-compatible parameters are accepted. Winrt classes cannot use standard C++ objects. So, all the classes in the app must be winrt classes. I don't know how to use standard C++ code in a C++ app. This is a real problem for me.

    Do you know how to achive this? For example, could your model classes in photos.cpp be standard C++ classes?

  • Is there any news on an upgrade price (from VS2010 to Vs2012)? Or are we expected to buy anew licence?

  • I can see the dates for the Windows 8 online App Clinics, but what time do they start / end?



  • OK, I found the times dor the App Clinics - 12pm - 1pm.


  • Thanks, very useful information.

  • Wide Tiles -- I have seen plenty of apps that don't do anything with wide tiles. FreshPaint, Ted, Mahjong, etc. Some may need to be started/have data to be dynamic but I am pretty sure those just don't do anything yet they default to wide.

    I understand reviewers can't catch everything but guidelines seem to be inconsistent across apps.

  • Some of these links are actually very useful.  Thanks for compiling these.

  • It would be great if there were more events like this for IT Professionals located in the Midlands i.e. Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby or Sheffield.

  • If you are interested in doing MVVM in C++/CX I recommend checking out StyleMVVM. It contains a full blown Dependency Injection Container, ViewModel location, and most things needed to do proper MVVM development (implementation of ICommand, Attached Command behaviors, and other things like ITileService and more)

    Note: I'm biased because I happen to write it ;)

  • I'm using a C book but the code just gives me errors ?

  • Why no Ireland events? Belfast even  

  • I liked. Simply written and direct to the point. It clarified for me some hanged points.

    Thank you.

  • Oops I am not eligible :(

    MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) MSDN subscribers

  • Nice read Simon. I always gained so much from your visits. I hope you enjoy your new role.


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