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  • To speed up VS2012, go to Tools > Options > Environment > General and uncheck 'Automatically adjust visual experience...' and its two child checkboxes.

    email: danmaharry AT gmail dot com

  • Quick Indent - Select your code, press Alt + F8

    Want to see TAB char or space - Ctrl + R and W

  • I personally can’t stand the default (windows 3.1) theme. I find that nothing jumps out at me and it feels harder to quickly locate the details I am interested in. Instead I prefer to change the theme so it looks the same as 2010. It might not be a good tip as I guess you guys picked this (absence of) colour scheme on purpose, but I feel it made a big difference to my comfort level with VS 2012.) Check this link for details of the how:


  • Can't find something when you're paired up?

    Use Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q)

    Find anything!! (within reason :P)

    I love it for giving me rapid access to windows, such as the Layer Explorer.

  • For me it is the "Run Tests After Build" button in the top left of the test explorer. A super simple thing that just eases TDD frictions.

  • Install the new Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012 for lots of goodies, including Quick Tasks, Power Commands and an enhanced scrollbar

  • Sorry I forgot email address

    uk.preeti AT

  • TapTile - a really beautiful game. Simple in concept but it can get very difficulty. I love the daily challenges and the achievements.

  • Got to be the Pluralsight app.  Love having the offline training.

  • Got to be the Pluralsight app. Offline training is really useful for when you have downtime.

  • I love "Game Dev Tycoon Lite". It's a simulator game that allows you to start in the 80s using stat selection to create the outline of games (platform, sound, graphics, type, etc).

    It reminds me of the classic, "a rockstar ate my hampster".

    My email is:

  • Although all apps are good but my favorite app is Mail - No need to go website to check new emails, I can add multiple account in single place.

    uk.preeti AT

  • OneNote MX - just very useful!

  • 4OD (4 On-Demand)

    Why? Hopefully 4OD will make other channels port their apps as well!!

    If only there were some UK banking apps a well! :)

  • Why Lucky Clover fruit machine of course... With Solitaire a close second. Rich[at]nxtgenug[dot]net

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