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  • Here's my submission. I don't actually have any geeky t-shirts (honest!) so first of all I had to make one:

    I couldn't find anyone to film so I asked my cats instead, I think you'll agree their reactions couldn't be more different:

    (Yes, one of my cats really is called Jedi)

  • Unable to get my camera sorted in time, - i remembered when John Price  got on stage in a geeky tshirt - and the reaction can be seen... Geeks dancing in Geeky TShirts - Geeky-Utopia

  • Here is my competition video:

    I really enjoyed doing this and it ended up being 50 minutes because there are so many things to talk about in Windows Server 2012. It took 10 hours to just render the video for 480p so it is not HD quality. However, it has great content. I have also created a One Note note book that supplements it which has all the top tips and links to resources. This is accessible here:

    Chiraag Swaly

    PS: I am trying to render a higher quality video for this at the moment and I will post it tomorrow morning.



  • Hi Sarah,

    will the event be available for viewing later (video recorded)


  • @dvr,

    Great question - Unfortunately this event will not be recorded however look out for details of TechDays Online as this will include a Visual Studio track.



  • You have plans to make this presentation in Brazil and LATAM?

    Because we need this specifications...

  • Any chance of it coming up to Cambridge?

  • People still need documents.

  • Interesting for my new project... thanks

  • Is there somewhere to register for this event? Thx.

  • Updated - Sorry about that! How we missed the registration link I will never know!

  • I will have a chat with our Azure lead to see if they are planning anything in your area.

  • Not at the moment but look out for the TechDays Online event which will be available to anyone anywhere!

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