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  • More interesting... thanks for share

  • but with JS getting its own native object oriented functionality, how is typescript gonna survive?

  • What about the midlands?  Should be easy enough to do one at Cambridge.

  • Nice writeup! However, I think your statement about Orchard running in Azure Cloud Services not offering any features above Azure Web Sites needs to be expanded upon. Running Orchard in a Cloud Service, while not as quick and easy to set up, does have the following advantages:

    1. Web Sites do not support custom SSL certificates yet, so if you want to use SSL with your site you're stuck with using the "" domain.

    2. Web Sites lack the staging/production slot capabilities and instantaneous VIP-swapping of Cloud Services. These are handy when doing upgrades, as you can upload a whole new version of your service, test it out, and then VIP-swap in into production with a single fast operation while retaining the same public IP-address of your service, etc.

    3. With Cloud Services you can do more advanced deployment stuff like installing perf counters, registering COM components and manipulating the registry, should you have those requirements.

    4. With Cloud Services you can remote desktop into the underlying VM and do much more advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics.

    As a side note, in Orchard 1.7 the Azure Cloud Service deployment configuration will be updated to the latest version of the Azure SDK. This has already been committed to the 1.x branch.

  • This is a fun app! What Nathan is too modest to mention is that it is also an award-winning app! He was  in the Top 10 Finalists for the Creative Bloq App Generator Awards last month. Have a look at him on video here:

  • Thanks for this write-up.

    Weirdly, after I created the Orchard website from the gallery, I couldn't get it to connect to the Azure SQL database using the connection string that Azure gave to me.

    What I did to fix it was to connect to the database in the VS2012 Server Explorer and then use the connection string from the VS2012 properties window.

    I thought I'd post here in case it helps anyone else.

  • Want to know more about the Cloud Gaming and opportunity of the Cloud and Windows Azure we want to talk to you at the following event Windows Azure Technical Briefings for the Games Industry on the 1st May 2013 at Microsoft Campus,  Thames Valley Park, Reading RG6 1WG

    These one day technical briefings on the Windows Azure Platform are designed to help games companies explore the opportunities presented by Windows Azure as a rich, extensible, scalable, resilient and geo-replicated games platform. The briefings will help games companies understand the Windows Azure Platform and how great games and cloud based applications can exploit this powerful new platform.

    These briefings are aimed at technical decision makers including CTOs, Technical Directors, senior architects and developers in the UK Gaming Industry. There are a maximum of 12 people per briefing (two spaces per company)


    09:30 Registration

    10:00 Briefing starts

    12:30 Lunch and networking

    13:30 Workshop continues

    15:00 End


    This format is designed to encourage discussion and feedback and ensure you get any questions you have about the Windows Azure platform answered.

    Key topics covered will be:

    • Create highly-available, infinitely scalable, multi-tier, highly performing games and services using a rich Platform as a Service environment

    • Optimising game performance with machine scale out, extensible caching and CDN

    • Develop with a wide range of language and tools

    • Create real time and turn based multiplayer game support with SignalR, Windows Azure Service Bus, sockets, etc

    • Analysing post game data and usage through Big Data and Hadoop/HDInsight

    • Manage cross device platform devices and social network authentication with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    • Stream and managing video with Windows Azure Media Services

    Register for attendance at

  • great

  • Most informative.I like this post and i learnt many things from this, let me try to start up.

  • That's because all IT certifications are essentially useless - they test your knowledge of a particular technology and not how well you solve problems. As an IT shop you are always after creative problem solvers and NOT the ones who demonstrate who well they know a syntax of a specific language or tools.

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  • Good article this, perhaps a good additions to the list would be Found it to be the most comprehensive and complete compared to all other resources.

  • great app

  • Bluetooth LE is a MAJOR update that finally lets us play with heart rate monitors, fitbits etc. How about a code sample on that?

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