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  • It's good to read this information from your post. You have an interesting way of drawing people in. Keep up the good works..

  • Very good, Jquery simplifies the code.

  • Great

  • Top article, well written! :)

  • Fantastic article, very thought provoking!

  • Hi Andy.  Thanks for this useful information and also the Channel 9 WP8 Jump Start video series, which has been one of my primary sources as I start out with WP8 development.  I wanted to share with you an issue I encountered using the TurnstileFeatherTransition with a Pivot control and the solution I came up with.  I'd be keen to hear whether I'm missing something obvious because I couldn't find mention anywhere of anyone else having the same issue.

  • What is the rss feed to replace

  • Its looks impressive. Is there any RSS feed for new post?

  • What about the RSS feed, is that moving too? I couldn't see an RSS link on the new site.

  • Hi - we're working on the RSS feed this week, will add a link on the homepage under the 'social media' section and tweet the link. Sorry for the delay!

  • Thanks for your patience - the RSS feed for the new site is live here

  • Hi Vinu,

    Great job. Thanks for sharing your experience with the forum.

    I want to simulate a Load test(100-1000 users) as a next step to this do you think this is possible with the Ultimate 2013. Coded UI is taking up 1 agent for the 1 simulation and I seriously cannot afford 100 Agents. Is there any work around  like converting the code to unit test or some thing like that?

  • Hi! Great article. Can you show this with Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunatelly it's not support Windows::Storage::BulkAccess

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