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  • Hi Colin - yes, there are some plug sockets in the room. See you on Thursday :)

  • Very fascinating, I have just written a post about apps that can control your blog or website and just wondered if you could advise me on any others you know of?

  • Hi Aaron

    This post on Scottgu's blog gives more info :-)



  • How many Windows Phone 7 handsets will be given away at this event? :)

  • You'll have to wait and see!

  • That was one hell of a night, last night!!  But I have the strange feeling that I've forgotten something?? @KevRitchie

  • @shivam: Time to throw away the big , fat ,heavy laptop now only need my tiny windows 7 phone

  • No - I keep telling you that you don't need a mouse to use Windows Phone 7!


  • "Look, Mom, no hands"; Marc demonstrates just how easy Windows Phone 7 is to operate. @danstuken

  • After it was revealed that Disney's Pixar uses MS Azure, Steve Jobs wanted to use Minnie Mouse to play down MS's mobile computing technologies, however Minnie Mouse loved her WP7 too much, so Steve had to find a stand-in.

  • "Can I run Windows Phone 7 on these?"

    Twitter: @timacheson

    Thanks for this opportunity to get my hands on the physical manifestation of the most exciting to happen to mobile devices for several years!! :)

  • I have been to Microsoft reading twice in the past week and I got was this lousy IPAQ and this old Compaq notepad.  If only I had a WP7 my life would be complete...


  • "and on the third day, the great goddess Minnie said thoust laptop and iPaq are an abomination and created the Windows Phone 7, and everyone saw that it was good..."

  • "Oh no, not again! Ok, ok, plan - wave these antiques around madly and they won't even notice the shirt!"


  • Mark was coping with being the subject of human Buckaroo in the office until someone dragged through a Surface table...


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