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  • Minnie just could not work out how they could fit an entire cloud on to such small devices.


  • What!? Take 2 old devices into the boardroom?  I think youre taking the Mickey. I'd rather use Windows Phone 7!

  • Twitter: @nicbedford

    "Mouth opperated stylus and Minnie ears, Windows Phone 7 with built in Kinnect"

  • What do you mean? I dont need a stylus - I thought this was a windows phone.  Damm you Mickeysoft looks like I will use my old stylus's as stylist toothpicks!

  • When they asked me to do a demo with a Minnie, I thought they meant a Mac!


  • @Costall

    There was always going to be a downside to allowing Disney to develop a wireless signal booster

  • I knew this dream was a little to life-like. How can I make a distraction with these!? Where's Mickey when I need him?


  • This Silverlight app sends gesture data from my Windows Phone 7 over Azure ServiceBus and lets me control the cursor on my tablet like a crazy mini mouse!


  • Leaked pictures reveal why Microsoft chose not to enforce video calling on WP7


  • @richfrombechtle

    "Mickey was coming up the stairs. Quick, what should Minnie hide...her embarassing gadgets...or her awesome Marc Holmes costume?!"

  • Here Marc Holmes is attempting to hack into Disneyland's MF via the facial recognition services. Minimum Speck for Camera's on the new WP7 make this impossible. Another great security improvement.


  • Our competitors may have improved on the original Windows Mobile.  They may have copied our Tablet PC idea.  But they will never EVER better Microsoft Windows Ears 7.


  • What the hell is this phone all about? Not an apple, not a blackberry so definately not  in the fruit domain, doesnt look like an android and definately is not from this symbian...hmm I think i will fire up my laptop and google it.....oh hang on I can get online from this device... wow...should run and tell Micky all about it..

  • Right, hopefully these silly ears and lumberjack shirt can buy me enough time to get this damn thing working!


  • Dude, what's this stuff in my hands, whose shirt is this?!

    I went to #ukpdc10 yesterday, can't remember much but my hearing is a lot better this morning.

    This phone doesn't look right though, looks exactly like my old phone.

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