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  • Marc should have gone to specsavers for his glasses, thankfully he went to Microsoft for his Windows.

    Twitter: @dimdom,

  • It's time iPAQ'd this in and got some stylii by moving into the 21st Century with Windows Phone 7....!


  • If only there was a phone that could do this all for me, then I wouldn't need so many devices ;-) @DDreaper

  • Really? Really? ...... Really?


  • My new Windows Phone 7 is awesome, everything I needed these crappy things for is now in the palm of my hand. And it's sexy too!.... But not as sexy as mini mouse ears... Oooo yea!


  • Marc reads the newsgroup on his new Windows Phone 7

  • Marc demonstrates the latest fix for the Windows Phone 7 antenna issue.


  • Marc realises that trying to combine children’s entertainer with IT professional was a mistake.

  • And at UK PDC 10, an embarrasing moment was narrowly averted after DJ Chris Evans was almost introduced to the audience and broadcast live to the world.

    It was only after one eagle eyed guest spotted that the device in question was not the new phone 7 but the old Ipaq that suspicisons were aroused.

    A Colleague commented.

    "Its not unusual for Mark to turn up dressed like Mickey Mouse on his was back from a "Back to the future party",  and gibbering but this time something was clearly wrong. The imposter looked much more like a twit that a twitterer...

  • The drinking had started in the shadier corner of DisneyLand (TM) where the denizens get their kicks, he knew Minne had shown him great favour and introduced him to all her pals.  Then the argument had started.  Pluto was adamant that touch was a ludicrous idea and styluses were the future.  Donald had walked in with Mickie at this point looking for Minnie and heard Pluto's statement and started arguing against.  The drinking and arguing had continued into the small hours, then there was a scuffle and darkness took Marc.  He woke sober, wearing Minnie's ears (don't ask), suspended upside down from the DisneyLand (TM) Castle (TM) with Plutos pride and joy gadgets (circa 2000) trying to figure out where it had all gone wrong.


  • Marc Holmes "Very Funny Rafal, Yeah I got the Minnie Computer, have you returned the Microsoft sign yet?"

  • I said demo something without a stylus not style-less!

  • "Laptop. Check. Stylus. Check. 3D glasses. Check. Mini Mouse Ears. Check."

    Thanks to the Windows Phone 7 Organiser App, Marc felt prepared.

    Although he wasn't sure what for..


  • Holding the coolest gadget to hit the streets in years, Marc dons a pair of Minnie Mouse ears to maintain his geek credibility


  • Never mind "Yoo Hoo", how am I supposed to get Yahoo! on these things?!

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