We are happy to share the findings of Forrester Consulting, who evaluated considerations that IT managers weigh when deciding on a browser and whether to support or allow the use of nonstandard browsers. Forrester’s Business Case for Standardizing on a Single Modern Browser in the Enterprise is now available and reveals business priorities that reaffirm Internet Explorer’s choice as a great browser for business.

Forrester found that ninety-six percent of firms today standardize on a single browser for company-issued PCs, as there are increased costs associated with supporting or allowing nonstandard browsers within the enterprise. For example, Forrester found that firms spend an extra $4,200 per web app annually to support multiple browsers. For a large corporation, that translates to almost $400,000 per year just for web apps. Any potential benefits were clearly outweighed by support, maintenance, and other costs—as most firms with multiple browsers experienced cost increases in excess of 20% overall. This is in line with conventional wisdom, which says to pick one browser but develop sites to common web standards.

Concurrent with the release of the Forrester paper, we published a blog entry on “Ten Reasons Why Internet Explorer 10 is Best for Business.” This is a single landing page that includes much of the commercial evidence for IE10, including performance, security, standards support, etc.  Many of you have asked for this information, so we’re happy to deliver it in a format that you can easily share with customers and partners.