clip_image002“Imagine a scenario in which you were able to add new levels to a platform game immediately after they have been built. Using a cloud backend makes this all possible, and when you can also track significant quantities of data to keep your game flow smooth and your players engaged, you give your title the best chance it has at being great at player retention.”

MS Hosted Roundtable at EU Cloud Gaming Conference 2013

As part of our strategy of establishing a leading voice for Microsoft on the future of Cloud Gaming in the UK video games market we hosted an invite only roundtable discussion at the EU Cloud Gaming Conference 2013 held in London. 

Chaired by Andy Payne, CEO of Mastertronic and Chairman of UKIE (the UK video games trade body), we shared our view of traditional Cloud Gaming and where we believe it should be going in terms of Cloud + game apps connected experiences and then opened it up to the attending organisations to respond to that and give their perspectives – in doing so we also touched on a number of themes which the industry is increasingly calling Games as a Service.

My colleague Chris Walden has done a great job of taking a recorded transcript and has pulled out the key points made and themes identified and written up the attached roundtable summary discussion which you can read below. (Click on the image to download your PDF copy to keep.)