by Asavin Wattanajantra

One of the great features of Office 365 is its apps store, where users can add really useful tools that make a significant difference to their experience with programs such as Office, Excel and PowerPoint. If you’re a developer, we now give you the opportunity to charge monthly recurring fees for the apps you create through subscription pricing.

This will open up new markets for developers interested in developing and promoting apps to Office customers around the world. You’ve now got a choice: develop free, trial, paid or subscription versions of your apps, depending on your business and marketing needs. You can start updating and submitting subscription apps in the Seller dashboard from October – users will be able to buy them from November.

This could be great if you’re in the business of developing apps for enterprise – in Excel for example, you can create new apps that can work with enterprise data, allowing executives to really have an insight into what’s happening within their organisations. It’s likely they will pay a premium – and that's a really good opportunity for interested developers around the world.

The Office Store already has hundreds of apps created by a range of developers, from ISVs to start-ups, with one million already downloaded. We encourage you to join them, even if you’ve never developed for Microsoft before.