I caught up briefly with Craig Dunn from Xamarin to find out what his sessions will cover at NDC next week. Here's what he told me...

"I'm giving two talks next Friday at NDC London (both as in Room 2):

Intro to iOS & Android Apps with C# (using Xamarin)

This will introduce people to Xamarin and the basics of building a cross-platform mobile app. While I haven't finished (and timed!) the content, the intent is to go from File-New app, create a PCL, share in iOS and Android, using both Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio 2013 along the way.

Cloud-enabled iOS & Android Apps with C# (using Xamarin)

Take an existing app, add Azure capabilities: storage, login, push notifications and demonstrate on both iOS and Android (in Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio).

Ideally people that come to both talks will have a good idea of how to bootstrap up a real, functional cross-mobile-platform app with cloud functionality using Xamarin and Microsoft technology. Xamarin tutorials were recently added to the windowsazure.com portal, which is really exciting, so that will get a mention too, as well as a bit on Portable Class Libraries that work in Windows Store and Windows Phone apps too."

See you there!