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  • Blog Post: Guest Post: TypeScript for .Net Developers

    Ah JavaScript. If it isn't the most popular language in the world, it is certainly the most prevalent. It is the scripting language of choice for Web applications, a server-side scripting language for frameworks such as node.js, and more recently an alternative to C# and Visual Basic for developing Windows...
  • Blog Post: Video: Phone developers should use the cloud

    When you think about the monetization (awful word!) of apps for the phone, you can narrow it down to either: The app is free – it was fun building it, I don’t want to be rich. The app is paid for and entirely standalone. It doesn’t rely on any service that is firmly rooted in terra firma. The app is...
  • Blog Post: Interview: The Apprentice–Microsoft style

    As part of the Britain Works program, Microsoft’s DPE and Citizenship teams have been working with training company QA and e-skills UK to develop a year-long Modern Apprenticeship in Software Development . According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills , small and medium-sized...
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