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  • Blog Post: You know the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone works in the UK right?

    If only I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked when Microsoft’s in-app advertising would be available in the UK. The Microsoft Advertising SDK was only available in the US for the initial Windows Phone launch. With the release of Mango however, more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone eBook 1st Edition Published

    “It was with a sense of trepidation that I blogged a request for people who might like to help create a Windows Phone eBook back in February 2011. Despite my initial scepticism, there was an overwhelming response; both from people interested in the idea more
  • Blog Post: Mango Jump Start Training Recordings Available

    A few weeks ago I blogged here about the Windows Phone “Mango” Jump Start Training with Rob Miles and Andy Wigley that was taking place on 23/24th August. The Windows Phone team have done an outstanding job and the recordings are already available to view on demand on Channel 9 . This is a great way...
  • Blog Post: What’s in Windows Phone Mango for me?

    We’re not far away from the final version of Mango hitting the streets – whether it be in new handsets or delivered as a free update to existing Windows Phone users – so I thought it might be useful to try and précis some of the more interesting improvements coming down the pipe. I wont try and do all...
  • Blog Post: Ensure Your Apps are Published in All Markets

    Unless there’s a good reason not to do so, you probably want to have your app available in as many Marketplace markets as possible. In particular, now we’ve added 19 new consumer markets, taking us from 16 to 35 markets where your application can appear more
  • Blog Post: Publishing a Mango Update to an Existing App

    Assuming you’ve published Windows Phone applications to the Marketplace, you’re probably wondering how things will work if / when you want to update those apps to Mango. There’s a good post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that details exactly what more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Hub Enhancements

    [This post was cross-posted from the UK MSDN Team Blog ] If you’re a Windows Phone developer, the scheduled App Hub outage last Monday probably piqued your interest, along with a number of new features you may have noticed that started to roll out during more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Hub Enhancements

    If you’re a Windows Phone developer, the scheduled App Hub outage last Monday probably piqued your interest, along with a number of new features you may have noticed that started to roll out during the week. Sworn to secrecy here at MSDN UK towers we were excited to the point bursting. What...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Submission and Languages

    You’ll have noticed we’ve made some improvements to App Hub recently. And if, like me, you’ve tried to submit an app to Marketplace since 18th July you may have encountered an error relating to supported languages. My first attempt at submitting a new more
  • Blog Post: UK Tech.Days 2011 Registration Now Open!

    We’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for TechDays UK 2011, c overing topics including cloud, the web and Windows Phone. Hear from our customers and partners as well as seeing in-depth technical sessions from the Microsoft experts. View the agenda and register here . Follow...
  • Blog Post: Writing about Windows Phone 7 Development

    If you follow me over at my own personal soapbox you’ll know I had a crazy idea to try and pull together a bunch of people to create an eBook about Windows Phone 7 development (I’ve a particular desire to create a Kindle-compatible version so if anyone has any experience of this, please get in touch...
  • Blog Post: Some Great Windows Phone 7 Session Videos

    Back in October at an Odeon Cinema in Manchester, a community event dedicated to Windows Phone 7 development was held with speakers such as Andy Wigley and Rob Miles (who delivered the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training ),  Andrej Radinger , Tricky Bassett and Maarten Struys . "This event...
  • Blog Post: Hello Windows Phone 7!

    Windows Phone 7 launch day is here, and to celebrate we’ll be running a rather exciting competition tomorrow and giving away a sparkly new Windows Phone 7 device . You’ll need to be following us on Twitter to take part, so sign up to @ukmsdn now and look out for more details tomorrow morning . For all...
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