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  • Blog Post: Free courseware for professors and instructors from Microsoft

    Did you know Microsoft provides free courseware for professors and instructors? The Faculty Connection is a website that provides free courseware and resources for instructors of all levels. Here are some of the most popular recent downloads Designing more
  • Blog Post: Get your free HTML5 exam voucher

          Get ahead of your competition: Earn your MCSD certifications and start developing Windows 8 web and Windows store apps. We’ll get you started with our “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3” course and exam. It’s all FREE: Register for the free online course , and receive...
  • Blog Post: Top Tip: CSS Architecture

    Recommended by Dave Sussman CSS Architecture: I’ve long held the view that CSS is the way to apply layout and styling to web applications and believe that basic CSS is a core skill for all web developers. The following article discusses how you should architect your CSS, what naming conventions are useful...
  • Blog Post: AppsWorld Demo– Windows 8 Music Player in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

    I’ve posted a demo similar to this on the site before but I was at the AppsWorld conference yesterday and gave a short example of putting together a native Windows 8 Store app in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and someone asked me to record it and put it more
  • Blog Post: Top Tip: Using CSS Sprites for responsive images

    This top tip was provided by Ian Haynes In this article Maykell Loomens discusses using the technique for solving issues with high density displays (Retina etc.) but it may be possible to use the technique for responsive images in general. Interesting.
  • Blog Post: Performance and the mobile web

    By Dave Sussman Web Site Performance is more complex than you think. I've been banging on about CSS for years, and how it can improve performance, but the modern world is more complex; not only do we have multiple desktop browsers, but also multiple mobile ones. The web is inherently mobile these...
  • Blog Post: Free (partial!) eBook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML,CSS & JS

    The first four chapters of Kraig Brockschmidt’s new book “Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript” are available for free download from MS Press. Click the book image to go and download. I’m downloading as we speak and putting it on a more
  • Blog Post: Article: Cross-Browser Debugging CSS

    By Dave Sussman I first met Alex Homer in 1996/7 when he'd just finished writing his HTML 4 book. Or two books, because there was one for IE and one for Mozilla. Yes, the browser incompatibilities were pronounced even then. Nowadays browser compatibility is better, but still not solved, and those...
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