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  • Blog Post: Managing Azure Academic Passes with the Azure Tracker Portal

    What is Azure Tracker? Azure Tracker is a tool designed primarily with faculty and educators of students with Azure Educator grants. The tool allows users to manage and monitor student use to help optimize Windows Azure in their classroom. What can I do on Azure Tracker? The various sections of Azure...
  • Blog Post: Presentation from Windows Azure in Education Event Summer 2013

    On the 20th of June a number of UK academics and researchers joined us at UCL for a one day event. The event was simply to learn how Windows Azure can be used in curricula, support research endeavours, and enable student projects. Additionally we focused on how Institution administrators can explore...
  • Blog Post: New look for Windows Developer Center and

    So What is NEW at ? A new UX Checkilist Checklist is a welcome addition to It can empower designers when self-evaluating their app so they can better understand what is required and prioritize when they make need to make tough choices. Guidance links are...
  • Blog Post: We love Windows 8. The live tiles and the ease of operation makes it a magical operating system to work with……..

    “We love Windows 8. The live tiles and the ease of operation makes it a magical operating system to work with…….. We are extremely proud of the Rapid2D engine and want as many developers, both professional and novice, to discover all the benefits of using more
  • Blog Post: Windows In Academia Presentations

    On the 26th of March we held an event to help raise awareness of the opportunity of Windows 8 and Windows Phone within academic gaming courses. The intention of the event was to.. 1. Introduce the latest technology released by Microsoft 2. Present the more
  • Blog Post: Getting started with the Game Starter Kit with Azure Mobile Services

    This kit includes all the basic functionalities to get a game published to Windows Store. Introducing The Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 with Windows Azure backend. One of the key challenges for student game developers is simply where to start. The purpose more
  • Blog Post: Developing Games on Windows 8

    So if you’re a Student or an Academic why should you learn and teach game development for the Windows Store? Perhaps your an academic coming a different platform, iOS, Android or you have previously developed and curriculum for game development on an more
  • Blog Post: Want to learn HTML5 Game Development

    Yeti Bowl has been developed to instruct and inspire developers to produce games in HTML5 Games. YetiBowl is now a Triple Play teaching solution supporting Window 8 App, Web and Windows Phone 8 its codebase is FREE on CodePlex .  So if your interested more
  • Blog Post: Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start MVA Training and Rewards

    Start your professional training with Microsoft Virtual Academy Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start This Microsoft Virtual Academy course is tailored for developers looking to leverage C#/XAML to build cool apps and games for Windows Phone 8 more
  • Blog Post: March 12, 2013 – One day in the cloud that could change the trajectory of your career

    As the cloud transforms IT, the need for qualified IT professionals has never been more urgent, and certification has never been more valuable. Registration is now open for Certified Career Day, an interactive LIVE event for IT professionals. Attendees more
  • Blog Post: Interested in Windows 8 in Education

      We have two key resources The Windows 8 in education eBook Windows 8 in Education UK Microsite. The microsite is design to sharesome key Windows 8 in education assets that look closely at our new OS specifically through an Education focus at schools more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 TouchDevelop Appathon and BETT Show 2013

    Before Christmas a number of UK Academics took part in 3 virtual university sessions on TouchDevelop with Peli de Halleux from Microsoft Research in USA. 3 UK academics were selected from the 50 or so educators from around Europe who took part, to go more
  • Blog Post: .NET Gadgeteer in Education

    Design and build your own electronic devices NET Gadgeteer is a platform for creating your own electronic devices using a wide variety of hardware modules and a powerful programming environment. Students with little or no electronics more
  • Blog Post: Try F# enables users to learn F# through new tutorials that focus on solving real-world problems

      This week I had a interesting email from an academic interested in exploring F# for functional programming. F# for those who aren't aware has a number of opportunities in academic teaching, learning and research including analytical programming more
  • Blog Post: FallFury is an open source C++/DirectX 11.1 2D game for Windows 8.

    The Awesome team of Development: Den Delimarsky PM & Testing: Clint Rutkas , Dan Fernandez Code Review: Brian Peek Design: Arturo Toledo , Rick Barraza Audio: David Walliman From have released FallFury open sourced C++/DX 2D Game more
  • Blog Post: Educators TouchDevelop Hackathon 28th and 29th of Jan 2013

      Microsoft Partners in Learning have brought together some of the most inspirational teachers for a dedicated TouchDevelop hackathon. The educators who are all part of the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network recently took part in 3 Virtual Universities more
  • Blog Post: Interested in Functional Programming Try F#

    Try F# beta web based IDE, which makes it easy to learn the F# programming language, create programs by using F#, and share information all through a web browser. The new Try F# allows developers and students to experience F# 3.0’s unique information more
  • Blog Post: Teaching Azure at Sheffield Hallam University

    Guest blog by Dr John Kirby, Senior Lecturer and Knowledge Transfer Champion, Sheffield Hallam University At Sheffield Hallam University we understand that the "cloud" is fundamentally changing computing. And this change will require increasing more
  • Blog Post: Using DirectXMath with Direct3D

      The DirectXMath API provides SIMD-friendly C++ types and functions for common linear algebra and graphics math operations common to DirectX applications. The library provides optimized versions for Windows 32-bit (x86), Windows 64-bit (x64), and more
  • Blog Post: Games@Derby Expo – University of Derby

    Guest blog by Dr Tommy Thompson. University of Derby   I’m Dr Tommy Thompson, a lecturer at the University of Derby. Since completing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science back in 2004, I have worked as a commercial software developer for a more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 8 Jumpstart training content

    Want to learn how to develop for Windows Phone 8? Microsoft’s FREE Windows Phone 8 Jump Start training is now available, to help you get up to speed with the latest updates to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Jumpstart is a fast-paced and demo-packed learning more
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