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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 includes the Visual F# Tools for F# 3.1.

    At the end of October 2013, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 to MSDN subscribers and Subscribers . This includes the Visual F# Tools, matching version 3.1 of the F# language. F# itself is an open source and cross-platform functional-first programming language, see for...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Faculty Summit 2013 15-16 July

    On July 15-16, Faculty Summit will bring leading academic researchers and educators together with Microsoft researchers and engineers from around the globe to share ideas and results about some of today’s most exciting new directions in computer science. Key subjects to be discussed this year include...
  • Blog Post: Try F# enables users to learn F# through new tutorials that focus on solving real-world problems

      This week I had a interesting email from an academic interested in exploring F# for functional programming. F# for those who aren't aware has a number of opportunities in academic teaching, learning and research including analytical programming more
  • Blog Post: Interested in Functional Programming Try F#

    Try F# beta web based IDE, which makes it easy to learn the F# programming language, create programs by using F#, and share information all through a web browser. The new Try F# allows developers and students to experience F# 3.0’s unique information more
  • Blog Post: Free One Day F# Workshop

      F# is now one of the managed languages that comes with Visual Studio. If you haven’t had the chance to look into F# yet then this free workshop, with a key note from Don Syme (creator of F#) could an excellent introduction. It’s being run by Microsoft more
  • Blog Post: Want to know more about Becoming Agile, F# or WCF? Head to the MSDN Library...

    The MSDN Library has some free (yes free!) brand new resources available on Agile, F# and WCF. Take a look below for more information. Learn to Create and Manage an Agile Organization There's a free online version of the book Becoming an Imperfect World by Manning Publications. These articles...
  • Blog Post: An F# focus in the August edition of MSDN Magazine

    This month's MSDN Magazine has an FSharp focus - creator Don Syme explains why he felt it was necessary to create it and answers some of the most common questions on this new language. As well as FSharp, you can read about parallel programming, artificial intelligence and building apps with HTML5...
  • Blog Post: A Brief Introduction to F#

    Our guest writer for this fortnight’s MSDN Flash is Mark Bloodworth , an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft UK, who kindly offered to write a brief introduction to F#. Mark’s interests extend to all those “other” languages like Ruby, Python and F# so we should be in safe hands. Over to Mark… When you...
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