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  • Blog Post: Discussion: Learning HTML5 & CSS3

    How did you learn to code? I ask because a couple of recent chance encounters have got me thinking that there are some pretty big gaps in people’s knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. For example, I was chatting to a student who approached me at an event last Saturday. He asked me where he could...
  • Blog Post: Bruce Lawson of Opera Confirmed to speak at Tech.Days 2011 on May 23rd

    The co-author of Introducing HTML5 , collaborator and Web Evangelist at Opera Bruce Lawson is now confirmed to talk at Tech.Days on May 23rd. The session abstract is now live at and I’ve printed it below for your viewing pleasure: HTML5: Who, what...
  • Blog Post: IE9 Release Candidate is Live

    Today we launched the release candidate of IE9 and with it a few new features. You can download the RC here .     GeoLocation From a developers perspective one of the most interesting new features is native support for GeoLocation.  The new Geolocation object makes it simple to figure...
  • Blog Post: Check out HTML5 Labs – prototypes of experimental or unstable web standard specifications

    The HTML5 Labs site is the place where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable web standard specifications from standards bodies such as the W3C. Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and contributes to a better implementation experience with draft specifications...
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