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  • Blog Post: Azure Mobile Services–Custom APIs and URI Paths

    In the previous post where I was taking a look at Custom URIs in Azure Mobile Services I’d got to the point where I was defining server-side handlers in JavaScript for specific HTTP verbs. For instance, I might have a service at read more )
  • Blog Post: Learn how to write a 3D Software Engine from scratch in C#/WinRT & in HTML5 using TypeScript or JavaScript.

    With the announcement and availability of Windows 8.1 its now the perfect opportunity for game developers to build games in HTML5 WebGL for IE11.  HTML5 and JavaScript are excellent starting point for Windows App developers , simply because if your game works in IE 11 then the Windows Store app...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Games with Construct 2

    Guest post by Henry Hoffman from Mudvark. Who are Mudvark Mudvark are an independent games studio based in Central London. Specialising in crafting award-winning games for a variety of platforms, they have self-published titles which include Mortar Mellon for Windows8 and Windows Phone 8 . Windows Phone...
  • Blog Post: Get in the Game… Create some Games over summer with Construct2 HTML5/JS

    Scirra have teamed up with Microsoft to launch a new Windows 8-based competition with some fantastic prizes ! Create a new game with Construct 2, or port an existing one, and successfully publish it to the Windows 8 Store by June 21st to be entered in to the competition. Allow a week for the store submission...
  • Blog Post: Guest Post: TypeScript for .Net Developers

    Ah JavaScript. If it isn't the most popular language in the world, it is certainly the most prevalent. It is the scripting language of choice for Web applications, a server-side scripting language for frameworks such as node.js, and more recently an alternative to C# and Visual Basic for developing Windows...
  • Blog Post: TypeScript and Windows 8 Applications

    Huge thanks to Chris Sells , Developer Tools at Telerik who has produced some excellent Windows 8 TypeScript Templates To get started using these Windows 8 Visual Studio 2012 TypeScript templates you will  first need to install the TypeScript plug more
  • Blog Post: TypeScript and real life examples

    Over the Christmas break I had a few emails asking me about TypeScript the JavaScript extension invented by Anders Hejlsberg. So what is TypeScript? TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. more
  • Blog Post: Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using JavaScript: Hilo (Windows)

    The JavaScript version of the Hilo photo sample provides guidance to JavaScript developers who want to create a Windows 8 app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Windows Runtime, and modern development patterns. Here's what you'll learn: How to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Windows Runtime to create...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8–Updated flickR Search Demo in HTML/JS

    In a lot of the Windows 8 sessions that I’ve given around the UK I’ve been building out a simple demo app that searches on flickR for some photos. Over time I’ve come to build that app usually with some combination of the following; Build out the basics more
  • Blog Post: Get your free HTML5 exam voucher

          Get ahead of your competition: Earn your MCSD certifications and start developing Windows 8 web and Windows store apps. We’ll get you started with our “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3” course and exam. It’s all FREE: Register for the free online course , and receive...
  • Blog Post: Windows Store Apps–Sharing HTML with Images

    One of the really powerful features of Windows Store apps is the system-provided ability to share data from one app to the other while keeping those 2 apps loosely coupled. Basics You can read up on it on the dev center ( under “Sharing and exchanging more
  • Blog Post: AppsWorld Demo– Windows 8 Music Player in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

    I’ve posted a demo similar to this on the site before but I was at the AppsWorld conference yesterday and gave a short example of putting together a native Windows 8 Store app in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and someone asked me to record it and put it more
  • Blog Post: Experimenting with Windows Azure Mobiles Services (Round 2)

    One of the things that I was looking at in my post on Azure Mobile Services the other day was the idea of creating a ‘virtual table’ or a view which represented a join across two tables. For example, imagine I have a new service more
  • Blog Post: Experimenting with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    The first preview of Windows Azure Mobile Services came out the other week. Over on YouTube , Scott Guthrie gives a great overview of what Mobile Services provides in the preview and on the new Mobile Services site you can get a whole bunch more detail more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 UK Developer Events

    There have been a flood of Windows 8 announcements in the past few days… The RTM of Windows 8 has been announced and we know that from August 15th the RTM code will start to drop into the hands of developers and IT professionals who have MSDN and TechNet more
  • Blog Post: Guest Post: An Introduction to LightSwitch

    Tim Leung is a software developer based in the UK. For the past 12 years, he has specialised in enterprise application development using products from the Microsoft technology stack. In particular, he possesses deep knowledge of the Microsoft .NET Framework and SQL Server. He's an active member of the...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8, Stacked Conference, August, Liverpool

    I’m excited to say that I’ll be speaking at the free “Stacked” Conference in Liverpool on August 7th on Windows 8 related topics. alongside me will be my good friends and colleagues Gill Cleeren and Giles Davis – should be an excellent day and I look more
  • Blog Post: Technology Soup: Fun with Windows 8 Metro apps, WinRT, ESE, C++/CX, .NET and JavaScript

    Ok, I just wanted to see how many technologies I could get into the title of a blog post ;-) This one really falls into the category of ‘just for fun’. I wanted to experiment with writing a custom WinRT component in C++/CX and then try using it from more
  • Blog Post: Windows8: Promise.then() and Task.ContinueWith() – Help Me Out?

    I was writing a little bit of code today on Windows 8 against WinRT and I couldn’t quite come up with a ‘solution’ that I was happy with so I thought I’d share and then maybe someone can pitch in and help me out a little. The essence of the code was more
  • Blog Post: Free (partial!) eBook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML,CSS & JS

    The first four chapters of Kraig Brockschmidt’s new book “Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript” are available for free download from MS Press. Click the book image to go and download. I’m downloading as we speak and putting it on a more
  • Blog Post: HTML Authoring Features for Metro style apps in Blend

    Nice video over on BlendInsiders giving an overview of using Blend for Windows 8 Metro style apps. Watch over here . Don't give up on it at the "Hello World" point - it goes quite a way beyond that....( read more ) more
  • Blog Post: Article: Windows 8 Metro style simple music app example

    Mike Taulty has created six screencasts around a simplistic Windows 8 metro style app that lets you play music from albums found in your music library, built in in HTML and JavaScript, touching on topics like: using a query against the local storage to get a view of the music collection using...
  • Blog Post: Web Development–Martin Beeby’s Articles of the Week

    The W3C co-chair got up on his soap box last week and declared that WebKits power is causing an Open Web crisis: W3C co-chair: Apple, Google power causing Open Web crisis Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) enables you to do AJAX requests across different domains, over on the IE blog they have a nice...
  • Blog Post: The .NET Ninja

    by Chris Eargle The ninjas of legend evoke images of a mysterious figure in black, able to perform super human feats and defeat enemies with cunning tactics. Nowadays, the term is applied to those that have mastered a skill to such an extent they are considered more than mere mortals. Telerik JustCode...
  • Blog Post: Make Your Website More like a Native App

    By Justin Whitney . Justin is an iOS developer and video producer. He writes, directs, and produces video projects such as short films and promotional videos. Before mobile apps were mobile apps, they were Web apps. In other words, as companies ramped up to full-fledged native apps for mobile devices...
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