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  • Blog Post: Kinect and Audio. How does the Kinect mic and audio array work?

    Channel 9 have published a great interview with Principal Software Architect Ivan Tashev the content is at Channel 9 videos . Ivan who works at MS Research has been responsible for a number of MS audio devices from Kinect to Microsoft Round Table. Ivan talks about the differences between Kinect 1.0 and...
  • Blog Post: Interested in the next generation Kinect for Windows sensor

      You can apply to take part in the Kinect for Windows developer kit program. This program, which begins in November 2013, will provide developers with tools and a pre-release sensor as soon as possible so they can start building new applications before general availability in 2014. The program...
  • Blog Post: The power of 3D interaction

    Ok who has ever watched STAR WARS and wanted a 3D princess Leia Hologram? Holograms are often thought of as an optical novelty that can produce pretty 3D pictures, but they are capable of doing much more than that. One of my colleagues Dr Dave Brown has more
  • Blog Post: Kinect for Windows now on CodePlex

    Kinect for Windows samples are now available under an open source license.   You can find everything on CodePlex: .  Why is this now on CodePlex? Easy Access -> we will continue to release our sample more
  • Blog Post: Naace at Bett 2013

    Guest post by Naace , one of our Microsoft Bett 2013 partners Excitement builds as we approach our first Bett at a new location, ExCeL London. It is hard to believe that only a few short months ago we were celebrating the Olympics events being held more
  • Blog Post: Kinect for the PC launching in early 2012

    Kinect is coming to the PC, not as a hack but as a commercial product with dedicated PC hardware, in early 2012, according to the Kinect for Windows Blog . Some of the changes for the PC version include: a shorter USB cable and new firmware for ‘close up’ applications. You can download the...
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