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  • Blog Post: Inside the UK Windows 8 App Excellence Labs

    By Rajen Kasha, Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft As a Premier Field Engineer I have been delivering the Windows 8 App Excellence Labs (AEL) over the past couple of months. For those of you who don’t know, an App Excellence Lab is a 2-hour engagement with a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) that is used to...
  • Blog Post: Free Windows 8 Training & App Store Opportunities

    The RTM of Windows 8 has recently just been announced and MSDN UK are looking to help UK companies, brands and individuals to get their applications into the Windows 8 App store ahead of the OS being available for general release.  If you have been working on some innovative, useful and informative...
  • Blog Post: Developing Windows Store Apps using C++/CX, for C# developers

    by David Britch I recently joined a project developing a Windows 8 Store application using C++. It had been a while since I’d written any C++ and I subsequently discovered that C++ has changed. A lot. WinRT is the framework and library for building Windows Store applications. It can be used...
  • Blog Post: Event: Registration Opens for Windows 8 for Application Developers – UK Tech.Days

    You may have seen the recently released Consumer Preview of Windows 8 , giving you a taste of what our new Operating System has to offer. Windows 8 offers unparalleled new opportunities for application developers to build and sell apps world-wide via the Windows Store. This spring we’re running...
  • Blog Post: Bringing Cut the Rope to Life in an HTML5 Browser: Behind the Scenes

    by Giorgio Sardo Cut the Rope is an immediate favourite for anyone who plays it. It’s as fun as it is adorable. So we had an idea: let’s make this great game available to an even bigger audience by offering it on the web using the power of HTML5. To do this, Microsoft’s Internet...
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