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  • Blog Post: Free One Day F# Workshop

      F# is now one of the managed languages that comes with Visual Studio. If you haven’t had the chance to look into F# yet then this free workshop, with a key note from Don Syme (creator of F#) could an excellent introduction. It’s being run by Microsoft more
  • Blog Post: Enter the HoloDesk: See, touch and explore the future of interaction

    Microsoft Research is exploring the future of interaction, including direct 3D interactions with augmented reality. Today’s technology Let’s take a look at the technology that is already out there: Sensors . Today’s mobile devices have sensors that make Star Trek’s...
  • Blog Post: A glimpse into the future... Microsoft's vision

    President of the Microsoft Office Division, Kurt DelBene and his team have released a vision of the future where technology is so deeply integrated into our lives - a seamless experience where you don't notice the technology, you just do what you need to do. All the ideas shown are based on real technology...
  • Blog Post: Control your phone through your clothes with PocketTouch

    Ever been in a meeting and wished the world would swallow you up at the sound of your phone blasting out Starship’s “We Built This City” at the most inopportune moment? We’ve all been there but now, thanks to the guys over at Microsoft Research , there might be something we can...
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