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  • Blog Post: The Visual Studio 2010 Async CTP (and refresh)

    I’ve been going to Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) for over a decade now and one thing that I’ve learnt over that time is; 1. The Anders Heijlsberg talk is the talk that everyone wants to see 2. The Anders Heijlsberg talk is the talk that you won’t...
  • Blog Post: The Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET

    The Reactive Extensions (Rx) library shipped its first release just a couple of weeks ago and so I thought I’d put together a quick, introductory post on it. Rx is a library that helps with event-based and asynchronous programming by providing framework classes for modelling and processing sequences...
  • Blog Post: Watching Mono

    You might have missed it in amongst all the “phone hacking” coverage but there’s been quite a lot of news around the Mono project over the past few weeks and I’ve seen a few announcements go by and thought it would be worth capturing some of that in a brief post here along with pointers which you can...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and HTML5 – get the real story

    President of the Server & Tools Division, Bob Muglia, clarifies Microsoft’s position on Silverlight and HTML5 – get a local viewpoint from UK evangelist, Mike Taulty . Technorati Tags: Silverlight , HTML5 , PCD10 , Mike Taulty
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