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  • Blog Post: Tips for Organising Events

    by Jonathan Allen We have a strong SQL community in the UK, but earlier this year the user group leaders agreed it would be good if we could encourage more people to join in. Chris Testa O’Neill and Tony Rogerson came up with the idea of SQL Relay when they were at the MVP Summit in Seattle...
  • Blog Post: News, events and technical guidance, all in a Flash

    If you didn't get this fortnight's MSDN Flash newsletter dropping through your email inbox on Wednesday, you missed the latest news, tech guidance and events happening near you. So go on, sign up to make sure you don't miss the next issue. Read the current issue . Take a look at past issues
  • Blog Post: Featured Article: Getting Tech.Days on Azure, Episode Two: Attack of the Nodes

    It’s been over 6 months since we decided that we would build the Tech.Days website using Umbraco and host it in Azure and in that time there have been a number of solutions created to get Umbraco working with Azure. Today I’m going to show you how you can the new Accelerator launched in April...
  • Blog Post: Featured Article: Hello Node

    Last week I also attended and spoke at the Web Directions conference in London. In one of the sessions Douglas Crockford mentioned that Yahoo! is considering switching all of their server-side code from PHP to JavaScript. In particular he talked about using node.js, stating that he felt it was nearly...
  • Blog Post: Have a gander at this fortnight’s MSDN newsletter

    If not, why?! Sign up here to hear from us every fortnight. With an editorial from Martin Beeby and all the latest top stories for UK developers, the MSDN newsletter is not to be missed. Find out what’s going on this fortnight in our latest issue .
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash feature article: IE9 Developer tools

    Trying to understand why your webpage is rendering incorrectly or throwing an error can be difficult, especially if your page contains a lot of mark-up, CSS and JavaScript. Using View Source can help,  but pinpointing an issue with that alone is like finding a needle in a haystack. Since IE8 (IE7...
  • Blog Post: MSDN newsletter is here!

    Seen it yet? If not, here it is . Get your morning coffee and toast and put a little time aside for a jolly good read. Here’s a taster of our top stories: Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 now available Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1 now available JavaScript and jQuery: Moving beyond Alert() Windows...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash feature article: Microsoft Surface

    I find the concept of Natural User Interface fascinating  so after talking to Kris Athi about Surface 2 and the development opportunities it poses, I asked him if he’d mind writing us a post about its history and how you can develop for it, below is the great article he put together for us. Kris...
  • Blog Post: Seen this fortnight’s MSDN newsletter?

    If not, you’re merely moments away. You’ll find the newsletter here , but why not sign up to get your own copy ? Here’s a taster of this fortnight’s stories: Windows Azure Free Trial Sign-up now to get free access to Windows Azure platform resources. Team Explorer Everywhere SP1 If you or any of your...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash has landed

    This fortnight, we've got a wealth of new product launch info from CodeMash 2011, a fabulous set of developer resources from our resident bookworm, David K Stewart, and a pile of practical info to make web development easier and get you started with migrating from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash feature article– An Insiders Guide to Learning

    When I was first shown around the Microsoft campus Learning Centre I stood, mouth ajar, in awe at the number of technical books on display and remarked "What an amazing resource!" My tour guide promptly corrected me, saying "The best resource in that library isn't a book, it’s David Stewart"...
  • Blog Post: Just landed – this fortnight’s MSDN newsletter

    Feast your eyes on this fortnight’s news and views right here .
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash poll – what would you like to do?

  • Blog Post: The MSDN Flash newsletter has landed

    If you’ve yet to see Wednesday’s MSDN Flash newsletter , why not take a quick break and have a read. It is elevenses time, after all. Why not get yourself whichever of these you fancy while you read… We would still love to know if there are topics you’d like us to cover in the Flash. We’ve got a regular...
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