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  • Blog Post: Video: Explanation of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

    Devs, IT Pros, Architects, Marketeers, Salespeople, Business-oriented people – they are all rapidly becoming part of the pop-up lab phenomenon. Until now it was very difficult for private individuals with an interest (whether casual or professional) in large-scale IT, to build large IT labs – the capital...
  • Blog Post: Event: "Apps + Cloud" for the device developer who is too busy to learn (UK)

    18th March – Reading, UK. You’ve got your beautiful new app ready to run on a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device, and are ready to hook into an infrastructure cloud service for the back-end. Your main concern is making sure it’s reliable - you can’t risk even a small chance of an outage of your...
  • Blog Post: Event: Build Open Source Apps on Microsoft’s Cloud

    The 4th step in Microsoft UK’s “6 Steps to Azure” programme, concentrating on Open Source software is to run as an in-person event on the 11th February in London. There is a great line-up of community speakers, all involved in the UK Windows Azure User Group, who will bring the real-world, roll-your...
  • Blog Post: Video: Cloud Services Talk from UK’s Cloud Day: London, 22nd June

    Anybody who was there knows the demo in the talk I gave timed out. So I’ve done it again and added it to the talk using the magic of video editing! With all the excitement around the IaaS features such as Virtual Machines and Virtual Network, and then the added cool of Azure Websites, it seemed to me...
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