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  • Blog Post: More Windows Phone Events (UK)

    We have another couple of free Windows Phone events coming up – one in London and one in Bristol. London is on Saturday 4th Feb (I’ll be there) Bristol is on Saturday 11th Feb (my fellow evangelist Andrew Spooner will be there) For full details see the more
  • Blog Post: Star Chart–A Definitive AR App for Windows Phone

    I asked San Shepherd, co-founder of Escapist Games Ltd , a few questions about Star Chart, a high tech star gazing companion that allows you to see what’s out there in all its augmented reality glory. Q. Tell me a bit about your background and Escapist Games. "Our vision was to make the...
  • Blog Post: The AdControl Requires Certain Capabilities

    In my post last week I talked about the Advertising SDK and using the AdControl in our applications as a means of generating revenue. I should have mentioned something that could catch you out – the AdControl requires certain capabilities to be defined more
  • Blog Post: You know the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone works in the UK right?

    If only I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked when Microsoft’s in-app advertising would be available in the UK. The Microsoft Advertising SDK was only available in the US for the initial Windows Phone launch. With the release of Mango however, more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone eBook 1st Edition Published

    “It was with a sense of trepidation that I blogged a request for people who might like to help create a Windows Phone eBook back in February 2011. Despite my initial scepticism, there was an overwhelming response; both from people interested in the idea more
  • Blog Post: Mango Jump Start Training Recordings Available

    A few weeks ago I blogged here about the Windows Phone “Mango” Jump Start Training with Rob Miles and Andy Wigley that was taking place on 23/24th August. The Windows Phone team have done an outstanding job and the recordings are already available to view on demand on Channel 9 . This is a great way...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 5 Release Candidate Available

    In case you missed it yesterday, the release candidate of Silverlight 5 is now available for you to download and test against. Silverlight 5 has a tonne of new features for developers to take advantage of. Back at the UK Tech.Days event in May, I talked about the feature-set including both; ...
  • Blog Post: John Travolta, this one’s for you

    Not many of us can afford our own airliner so we probably don’t spend much time browsing the sites of Boeing and Airbus. But imagine for a moment you were in the market for a 737 (or you’re in the business of selling them). They’re big, expensive things to cart around to trade shows. I’m not even sure...
  • Blog Post: Tech.Days Live Video: From Zero to Hero - Getting your Apps on Marketplace

    Oops – somehow this one slipped through the net. Brandon talks about Marketplace, recent and future improvements and how to maximise your opportunity by building apps customers really want. View this video as a WMV more
  • Blog Post: Interested in Silverlight and in Reading?

    If your in Reading on Tuesday June 7th, why not pop along to the VBUG meet up at 7.30 in Bar Copa on the Kings Road.  They have two great talks from Kiril Matev and Peter Lindsey both from Infragistics talking about how to build Silverlight LOB applications and how to deliver great user experience...
  • Blog Post: Read Mike Taulty’s rough notes on the Silverlight 5 beta

    Wander on over to Mike Taulty’s blog to explore this series of posts detailing Mike’s early rough notes on initial experiments with the Silverlight 5 beta. Multiple Window Support Markup Extensions Implicit Data Templates Ancestor Relative Binding Silverlight and IE9 in Windowless Mode Trusted Apps In...
  • Blog Post: How well do you Blend? A guest post from Mike Taulty

    I was at a recent user group meeting in London attended by Silverlight developers and others interested in the platform and a straw poll provided an interesting bit of insight. The poll question was: “Who uses Expression Blend?” The response was a very low number of the attendees. It didn’t come as a...
  • Blog Post: Some Great Windows Phone 7 Session Videos

    Back in October at an Odeon Cinema in Manchester, a community event dedicated to Windows Phone 7 development was held with speakers such as Andy Wigley and Rob Miles (who delivered the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training ),  Andrej Radinger , Tricky Bassett and Maarten Struys . "This event...
  • Blog Post: Browse hundreds of MSDN magazine articles in seconds

    10 years of MSDN Magazine is now easier than ever to explore! The folks at MSDN magazine have come up with a great way to make it easier to find the articles and features that most interest you.The new Silverlight Pivot Viewer allows you to filter through hundreds of articles and retrieve what you need...
  • Blog Post: ‘Build an App for that’ TechDays Online Conference, 20 January – view session recordings now

    Session links now available! At tendee s at our Build an App for That online conference enjoyed demo-rich sessions designed to help with building applications for the browser, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 7. Click the agenda links below to access the session recordings. We’d love to know what you thought...
  • Blog Post: Get started with Silverlight

    Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications when online or offline. The official Silverlight site holds everything you need to know to get started with Silverlight. See what's coming next, read latest news...
  • Blog Post: The week that was on the UK MSDN blog - 8-12 November

    This week’s ramblings are listed below – let us know what you’ve enjoyed most, what’s been useful and also any areas where you could do with a few more details. Post your questions and comments below and I’ll do my best to find the answers. Have a great weekend, however you’re planning to spend it. I...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Firestarter, 2 December 2010

    You’re invited to a very special event on 2 December 2010 Learn about the future of Silverlight from Corporate Vice President, Scott Guthrie and other experts, direct from Microsoft’s HQ. Hear about our plans for the next version of Silverlight, the latest developments as well as in-depth sessions on...
  • Blog Post: PDC10 round up – a guest post by Andrew Sinclair

    I'd originally incorrectly pegged this post to Mike Ormond - apologies to Andrew and Mike. Perhaps I'm still suffering from post-PDC10 tiredness... This week’s MSDN Flash features a PDC10 round up by Andrew Sinclair – a valiant effort given Andrew wasn’t there in person but took...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and HTML5 – get the real story

    President of the Server & Tools Division, Bob Muglia, clarifies Microsoft’s position on Silverlight and HTML5 – get a local viewpoint from UK evangelist, Mike Taulty . Technorati Tags: Silverlight , HTML5 , PCD10 , Mike Taulty
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