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  • Blog Post: Guest Post: TypeScript for .Net Developers

    Ah JavaScript. If it isn't the most popular language in the world, it is certainly the most prevalent. It is the scripting language of choice for Web applications, a server-side scripting language for frameworks such as node.js, and more recently an alternative to C# and Visual Basic for developing Windows...
  • Blog Post: TypeScript and Windows 8 Applications

    Huge thanks to Chris Sells , Developer Tools at Telerik who has produced some excellent Windows 8 TypeScript Templates To get started using these Windows 8 Visual Studio 2012 TypeScript templates you will  first need to install the TypeScript plug more
  • Blog Post: TypeScript and real life examples

    Over the Christmas break I had a few emails asking me about TypeScript the JavaScript extension invented by Anders Hejlsberg. So what is TypeScript? TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. more
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