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  • Blog Post: Event: Improve Software Quality, User Experience and Developer Productivity with Real Time Analytics Webinar

    Application exceptions offer a clear and undistorted view into an application’s quality, user experience and operational service level. In fact, unhandled, caught and thrown exceptions represent one of development’s only direct sources of user-driven application feedback. Yet, most development teams...
  • Blog Post: 8 Great Reasons to Design for Windows Phone 8

    By Gemma Yussuf, Microsoft This article focuses on the fundamentals one must consider when designing for Windows Phone 8, highlighting why this is the platform that offers designers the opportunity to create new, exciting and innovative apps. The 8 reasons below will help you understand why this platform...
  • Blog Post: Event: Windows 8 design and UX workshops

    Many developers are quick to say that the tools provided for the development of Windows Store Applications make Windows 8 the easiest and quickest platform to develop native applications for. In the last few years, many consumers have been quick to voice their opinions about the usability of applications...
  • Blog Post: Guest Post: Tips & Gotcha’s when designing Windows 8 Apps

    I sat down this week with Dave Crawford and got him to do a quick brain dump of his top tips and gotcha’s that he sees regularly when reviewing Windows 8 Apps that have been submitted in the UK for the Windows 8 App store. Dave and his team review all the apps that UK developers submit for the UK app...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Flash Poll: Design & UX

    <a href="">Fill out my Wufoo form!</a> View the Results
  • Blog Post: Top Tip: Using CSS Sprites for responsive images

    This top tip was provided by Ian Haynes In this article Maykell Loomens discusses using the technique for solving issues with high density displays (Retina etc.) but it may be possible to use the technique for responsive images in general. Interesting.
  • Blog Post: Learning: Windows 8 UX Virtual Training

    Apps are the focal point of the user experience on Windows 8 Release Preview. Great apps share an important set of design traits that provide a consistent, elegant, and compelling user experience. With the first apps in the Windows Store, it’s exciting to see app designers begin to push the boundaries...
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