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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 8 JumpStart Videos now Available

    Andy Wigley recently delivered the JumpStart video series and these are now available on Channel 9.  There is a full course so you’ll need a bit of time to run through all of these but they are a great place to start if you looking to start writing apps for Windows Phone.  Full course outline...
  • Blog Post: Video: The most common issues support sees for Windows Azure

    Markus McCormick, an escalation engineer working in Microsoft support in the UK talks about the most common support issues they see coming in to the support centre. He gives advice on how to avoid these pitfalls. If you are new to Windows Azure – don’t deploy any service in to production without watching...
  • Blog Post: Video: Windows Azure Connect: a real-world solution

    K3 Retail are the UK’s biggest Microsoft Dynamics partner. They’ve built a system that allows them to expose on-premises applications and data such as Dynamics, SQL Server Reporting Services, Email and File-Servers to a cloud-based IIS web application. This video show how they are doing this in the real...
  • Blog Post: Video: Phone developers should use the cloud

    When you think about the monetization (awful word!) of apps for the phone, you can narrow it down to either: The app is free – it was fun building it, I don’t want to be rich. The app is paid for and entirely standalone. It doesn’t rely on any service that is firmly rooted in terra firma. The app is...
  • Blog Post: Video: Great presentation on MVC 4

    Over the weekend a video of Scott Guthrie talking about ASP.NET MVC 4 went online , there are many new features but In particular I'm interested in the Web API. Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of HTML5 work and for my backend services I have been using controllers to simply spit out...
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