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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Touch Develop is looking for adventurous Windows Phone 8 mobile app creators.

    Do you have a device running the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system? Are you a fan of the TouchDevelop app that enables you to create apps directly ON your mobile device? Do you love to try out the latest apps, and give feedback about what you like or wish to see improved? Then our beta...
  • Blog Post: Act quickly to get your Windows Phone app showcased

    The Appvertise campaign from Windows Phone and Nokia is a great opportunity to have your Windows Phone app showcased in current campaigns including banner ads, Marketplace, PR and press outreach. Each month a limited number of apps will be selected for more
  • Blog Post: Announcement: Get the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update

    If, like me, you’d were disappointed to discover that Windows Phone development on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview wasn’t a realistic proposition (due to incompatibilities with the emulator) help is at hand. The recently released update to the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 includes an updated emulator which will...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone–Skype Beta

    Today we also announced the availability of a beta of the much anticipated Skype app for Windows Phone. It looks absolutely awesome. I’m installing it now. Get the beta from Marketplace here      ...( read more ) more
  • Blog Post: New Phones, New Markets

    Hot off the press from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the news that Windows Phone will be rolling out across another 23 markets and the engineering team have done the work to optimise Windows Phone OS to run on lower-cost hardware. This means devices more
  • Blog Post: Connecting with customers

    By Mike Ormond , Microsoft Technical Evangelist It’s been a long time since I dabbled in the stock market. Recently though, given the limited returns available from my bank, or Premium Bonds or pretty much anywhere else (why didn’t I buy gold a couple of years ago?) I decided to take the...
  • Blog Post: More Windows Phone Events (UK)

    We have another couple of free Windows Phone events coming up – one in London and one in Bristol. London is on Saturday 4th Feb (I’ll be there) Bristol is on Saturday 11th Feb (my fellow evangelist Andrew Spooner will be there) For full details see the more
  • Blog Post: The AdControl Requires Certain Capabilities

    In my post last week I talked about the Advertising SDK and using the AdControl in our applications as a means of generating revenue. I should have mentioned something that could catch you out – the AdControl requires certain capabilities to be defined more
  • Blog Post: You know the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone works in the UK right?

    If only I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked when Microsoft’s in-app advertising would be available in the UK. The Microsoft Advertising SDK was only available in the US for the initial Windows Phone launch. With the release of Mango however, more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone eBook Published

    I had a crazy idea back in the early part of the year to try and create an eBook about Windows Phone development written by the community for the community. You can read more about it here: Would you like to write about Windows Phone 7 Development- Writing about Windows Phone 7 Development Windows Phone...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone eBook 1st Edition Published

    “It was with a sense of trepidation that I blogged a request for people who might like to help create a Windows Phone eBook back in February 2011. Despite my initial scepticism, there was an overwhelming response; both from people interested in the idea more
  • Blog Post: Plug for our Windows Phone Online Conference

    Just a quick plug for our upcoming online conference (Wednesday 5th October) which is themed “Design from a User Perspective”. More details on the UK MSDN blog here ....( read more ) more
  • Blog Post: What’s in Windows Phone Mango for me?

    We’re not far away from the final version of Mango hitting the streets – whether it be in new handsets or delivered as a free update to existing Windows Phone users – so I thought it might be useful to try and précis some of the more interesting improvements coming down the pipe. I wont try and do all...
  • Blog Post: Free GUI Isolated Storage Explorer Tool

    Those fabulous (and generous) guys over at Appa Mundi have created a free GUI version of the isolated storage explorer tool that ships with the Windows SDK 7.1 RC . If you’re a command-line person you’ll feel right at home with the tool that ships in more
  • Blog Post: Want to develop for Windows Phone? Sign up for a free Windows Phone Camp

    Want to start developing for Windows Phone, but not yet taken the plunge? Then this free day of training is the quickest way to find out all you need to know. The Windows Phone Camps will show you how to build Windows Phone apps from scratch. You'll be guided through the development process with a...
  • Blog Post: Ensure Your Apps are Published in All Markets

    Unless there’s a good reason not to do so, you probably want to have your app available in as many Marketplace markets as possible. In particular, now we’ve added 19 new consumer markets, taking us from 16 to 35 markets where your application can appear more
  • Blog Post: Publishing a Mango Update to an Existing App

    Assuming you’ve published Windows Phone applications to the Marketplace, you’re probably wondering how things will work if / when you want to update those apps to Mango. There’s a good post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that details exactly what more
  • Blog Post: Flickr App for Windows Phone

    Last week in passing, Martin asked me if I’d seen the Flickr app for Windows Phone as it’s been nominated in the .net Awards “ Mobile App of the Year ” category. I’d seen it but I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Under the circumstances I thought I ought to check it out. First impressions good – definitely...
  • Blog Post: Finding Your App Purchase History

    I’d never given this any thought until I had to do a hard reset on my HTC Trophy just before we made available Beta 2 of the Mango OS . Of course I lost my apps. I found myself scratching my head trying to remember all the apps I had installed. Of course more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Mango Feature Videos

    Nice idea this one – ask the people who created specific Mango features to talk about them. Each video is very short – perhaps a couple of minutes – but gives you a succinct overview of features such as: Email: Conversations Email: Linked Inbox People Hub: Groups People Hub: Live Tiles & Contact...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone “Mango” Is Done

    Or, more correctly, it has been release to manufacturing (RTM’d) – ie the development team have signed off the final build and that build is now in the hands of handset manufacturers and mobile operators. The final build number is 7720 (those of you running the beta build are running 7661). We’re still...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Hub Enhancements

    [This post was cross-posted from the UK MSDN Team Blog ] If you’re a Windows Phone developer, the scheduled App Hub outage last Monday probably piqued your interest, along with a number of new features you may have noticed that started to roll out during more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Hub Enhancements

    If you’re a Windows Phone developer, the scheduled App Hub outage last Monday probably piqued your interest, along with a number of new features you may have noticed that started to roll out during the week. Sworn to secrecy here at MSDN UK towers we were excited to the point bursting. What...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone App Submission and Languages

    You’ll have noticed we’ve made some improvements to App Hub recently. And if, like me, you’ve tried to submit an app to Marketplace since 18th July you may have encountered an error relating to supported languages. My first attempt at submitting a new more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Status Bar Symbols – What on Earth?

    Having been berated on Twitter this morning for failing to be intimately familiar with the symbols on my status bar (specifically I didn’t recognise the vibrate mode symbol), I thought I’d clear things up by publishing my understanding of what they mean more
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