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For the network managers amongst you...

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For the network managers amongst you...

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I've just learnt about a free event - the Microsoft Management Summit - which is aimed at senior IT managers in the UK

Called "Are you in control? How to manage and secure your infrastructure", it is a free single day event in Reading on 1st May 2007

It isn't specifically aimed at the education community, but it is a great opportunity to get access to some of the high level content which is delivered through the worldwide TechNet events. 

Full event details:

"Do you have challenges managing your infrastructure, and would you like to understand our latest system management solutions? The popular TechNet MMS UK event “Are you in control?” provides a selection of the most valuable content from this year’s global Microsoft Management Summit event held in San Diego in March. This year, we will deliver a much wider range of essential technical content.
This seminar for technical staff will focus on
System Centre management tools and Windows Server virtualisation."

Details and Registration are at

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