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June, 2007

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    SIMS Annual Conference 2007 - Presentations


    On Tuesday 19th June, I was invited to present the keynote to the SIMS Annual Conference, with the title of "Transformed Learning and Pathways for Change". Well, it was a bit of a rush to cover such a BIG subject in 40 minutes, but I obviously managed some of the brief, because a number of people caught me immediately afterwards to ask for copies of the slides. Basically my message was about four aspects of transformation - technology, the lifestyle of students, new attitudes to schools and the way that information flow needs to be more connected and visible.

    So, for those people and others, here's the links to the slides and other resources that I used:

    Transformed Learning PowerPoint presentation (Right Click and "Save File As...")

    Web 2.0 Video (follow the "Our Videos" link on the website)

    Shift Happens (instructions & details on the webpage)

    Microsoft Surface - unfortunately the video I used isn't available publically, but there are other video resources on the Surface website

    And finally a short video trailer for the BSF Showcase (Right Click and "Save File As...")


  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Shift Happens/Did You Know?


    Over the last few months, a PowerPoint presentation has been doing the rounds, which has a strong message for educational audiences. It works as an opener for conferences or events where the future of education and learning is under discussion, or where you want to provoke a discussion about learning.

    • Karl Fisch, of Arapahoe High School in the US, conceived and created the first version of this presentation for a staff development day. And published it on the web via his website. He released it and gave permission for others to modify it under a Creative Commons licence.
    • Scott McLeod modified it, to make it more relevant to an audience in a wider context. And published it on the web with a Creative Commons licence
    • After conversations with Karl & Scott, I modified Scott's version to include UK-relevant content (it was quite US-centric)
    • And then Jeff Brenman, of Apollo Ideas, applied the creative design to Scott's version. And published it on the web via SlideShare where, incidentally, it won the competition for the "World's Best Slideshow"
    • And finally, with Jeff's permission, I modified his with the UK context. And published it on the web 

    (This Shift Happens download has become one of the most popular resources for people searching for the Shift Happens presentation, and especiall the Shift Happens UK Version)

    There are two versions available here:

    • For an easy to use version, then download the movie which includes the soundtrack - then you can embed it into your PowerPoint presentations or play it directly in Windows Media Player etc
    • Alternatively, you can download the PowerPoint presentation, which can be modified as you wish.

    Right Click and "Save Target As..." to download either file

    If you modify this version, and following the norm of the Creative Commons Licence, we’d all ask that you share it on the web too, so that others can benefit.

    Update: Since the original version created by Karl Fisch, it is likely that over 2,000,000 people have seen variations of his presentation, including this one. Karl has posted a very detailed reflection on the content on his blog, which analyses the sources and his original intentions for publishing. Some of the sections/slides he refers to aren't in this UK version, but there is very interesting comment from him worth reading if you are interested in looking into the presentation more deeply.

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Last Friday's BSF Conference


    If you were at the BSF Conference on Friday, firstly well done for making it through the floods! With the Midlands seemingly under masses of water, it became a challenge for some delegates (and speakers!) to get there. Fortunately, all the speakers and most of the delegates made it and we had a great day.

    Whether or not you attended, you might like to download the slides, to see the ideas raised. They are all available on the Conference page

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    SharePoint Applications Showcase


    My colleague, Sarah Barnard, is running a SharePoint day on 25th June which will give you an opportunity to find out how you can help to integrate your different IT systems with SharePoint - bringing together your data from your MIS, VLE and e-portfolio etc onto a single webpage so that your students, teachers and parents can have access to all of the data that you want to share with them, from within and outside of school.

    The final list of companies presenting has just been fixed, and I would be willing to bet that at least one of the IT systems in your school comes from one of these companies:

    Akhter, Arc Software, Business and Decision, Capita, Clarity Integration, Digilink, Etech, Fortiumtech, Includer, ITG Solutions, It’s Learning, K2, LP Plus (formerly EMPC), Mapalytics, Morse, Winvision

    They'll be showing examples of Search, MIS, ePortfolio, VLE and Library Management applications on SharePoint. The event will focus on ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, and there's plenty of chance to talk to people in more detail - either from the software partners or from Microsoft. Oh, and it's free!

    It's on the 25th June, at the Thames Valley Microsoft Campus in Reading. To register call the booking desk on on 0870 166 6680, and quote the event reference number, (big breath) 1032338563, or register online

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    The Free Microsoft TechNet Management Summits - June & July


    I've just learnt that we've scheduled some more of these free events - the Microsoft Management Summit - which are aimed at senior IT managers in the UK

    Called "Are you in control? How to manage and secure your infrastructure", they are free single day events in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

    It isn't specifically aimed at the education community, but it is a great opportunity to get access to some of the high level content which is delivered through the worldwide TechNet events. 

    Full event details:

    "Do you have challenges managing your infrastructure, and would you like to understand our latest system management solutions? The popular TechNet MMS UK event “Are you in control?” provides a selection of the most valuable content from this year’s global Microsoft Management Summit event held in San Diego in March. This year, we will deliver a much wider range of essential technical content.There will be a keynote, followed by two parallel tracks of six sessions, enabling you to build your personal agenda. This seminar for technical staff will focus on System Centre management tools and Windows Server virtualisation."

    Details and Registration details are

    21 June 2007, Manchester: Microsoft TechNet Management Summit (UK) - Are You in Control? How to Manage and Secure Your Infrastructure
    22 June 2007, Glasgow: Microsoft TechNet Management Summit (UK) - Are You in Control? How to Manage and Secure Your Infrastructure
    10 July 2007, London: Microsoft TechNet Management Summit (UK) - Are You in Control? How to Manage and Secure Your Infrastructure

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