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July, 2007

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Basic Digital Literacy Skills for Staff and Students


    If you or any of your staff - or even friends and family - need help getting started with computers then you might find the Digital Literacy Curriculum will be useful for you. It is free of charge and has 5 modules, available in 12 langauges. When completed. you can choose to take a test and print a pass certificate.

    • Computer Basics
    • The Internet and World Wide Web
    • Productivity Programmes
    • Computer Security and Privacy
    • Digital Lifestyles

    You can make this available in-school or at home, or through libraries and community centres.  You can either just link to the site or you can download the materials and use them on your own systems. For full details click this link.

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Dysg e-Learning Conference


    I had a great time at the Dysg e-learning conference today, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government. The sessions throughout the day looked at what colleges and schools were doing to take e-learning forward, with a large focus on virtual learning environments and collaborative working between schools and colleges.

    My presentation, at the end fo the day, was about four aspects of transformation - technology, the lifestyle of students, new attitudes to schools and the way that information flow needs to be more connected and visible; it summarised the changes which we are being affected by, and how things might look in the future.

    So, for those who attended and others who may have an interest, here's the links to the slides and other resources that I used:

    Transformed Learning PowerPoint presentation (Right Click and "Save File As...")

    Shift Happens - the introduction (instructions & details on the webpage)

    Microsoft Surface - unfortunately the video I used isn't available publically, but there are other video resources on the Surface website

    And finally a short video trailer for the BSF Showcase (Right Click and "Save File As...")

    And, because there was much discussion about Moodle, let me also point towards other posts on this blog about Moodle integration with SharePoint.

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