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The Philadelphia School of the Future on BBC News

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The Philadelphia School of the Future on BBC News

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In the UK we have Building Schools for the Future - and in the US, there's the "School of the Future" - a collaboration between Microsoft and the Philadelphia School District. A completely new school has been built from the bottom up, bringing together education, technology and business management techniques. It is a vision of learning in the future which is different to the model being planned for the UK BSF programme, but there are many similarities:

  • ICT bridging the gap that exists between home and school
  • The school is over-subscribed (9,000 appplications for 175 places!)
  • Identity management systems providing access to the school, automated registration and as a payment system for catering
  • The use of pervasive ICT to deliver the curriculum

If you are thinking about learning in the future, it is yet another source of information on others' visions. BBC News 24's "Click" programme focused on the school at the weekend - you can read the story and watch the whole programme on their website. To find out more about the school programme, and resources for planning your own futue, at our School of the Future website.


  • I think the BBC could have saved a lot of money and actually looked nearer to home. Through out  England there are many schools using technology. At Shireland Learning and our partner LPplus we have in excess of 500 schools that have Learning Gateway portals. Staff, students and parents that have 24/7 access.

    As we develop Learning Platforms they are integrating MIS, access and all other systems that schools use.

    To the BBC, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the pond.

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