Okay, like "mashup", "blogosphere" is another one of those made up words. So I promise to return to the English language when everybody gets back to school in September. But for the moment, I reckon it's just me and you reading this - and you're likely to be a network manager in during the summer holidays, upgrading networks and doing all of those other projects that can't be done while the staff and pupils are in. Until then, geek-speak will reign!

I thought I'd share with you a few of the newer blogs that I've come across that make interesting reading.

Firstly there's Alan Richard's blog, from Long Eaton School. Alan is a network-manager extraordinaire, in that he seems to calmly juggle significant ICT projects in his school, and is happily sharing his experiences. His latest projects include Windows Vista & Office 2007 migrations, SharePoint 2007 and Exchange 2007.

Then Free the Teacher, by Dughall McCormick from Kirklees local authority, is all about mobile devices in education.

Chris Pratley's blog is all about OneNote - one of the least well-known programs in the Office suite, but one of the most interesting for education.

For technical readers, there's Michael Greene's blog - a colleague of mine over in the US who writes about new Microsoft products, and relates them to education.

And finally, with no education content at all, but great for keeping current with mobile happenings, then there's nothing better than Jason Langridge's blog. He's the Microsoft man that gets to play with all the newest gadgets, and has his ear very close to the ground. So often, you'll read it on Jason's blog first. Be prepared for gadget envy!

And if anybody has any more, let me know and I'll add them to this article...