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Windows Vista - a shiny, new brochure!

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Windows Vista - a shiny, new brochure!

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We've just published a new Windows Vista brochure specifically for schools, which provides a good overview of the reasons for using Windows Vista, and the way that it can support teaching and learning in your school. Yes, it is a bit of marketing, but put that to one side, and think about what you've heard about Windows Vista so far. I bet most of it has been about what to do with it in business, or as a consumer. But how does it work in the classroom? That's what this documents sets out, and also how it can help the ICT teams in school to run your ICT more seamlessly. And when the next teacher wanders in to the IT Suite and says "What's all this Vista stuff all about?", it may just help you.

 If you want printed copies, drop me an email using the link above.

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