A couple of weeks ago, I set up a small survey to help me start to to understand who’s reading the blog, so that in the future I can try and make sure that I’m writing for the right person.

That first poll told me some interesting things (and didn’t contain any big surprises), but even just writing this next one turned out to be tricky. I want to get an idea of your job role – and I found it really difficult to get it down to 4 options. And so I suspect that there’ll be a lot of “others” in the list! I also made it multiple choice – so that you can classify yourself into more than one box!

Where are your from? Results from the last poll

Does it surprise you that just under half of the readers are from a secondary school? Probably note. And a quarter are from local authorities? Here’s a simple summary of the answers, but you can get a detailed analysis by percentages back on the original survey page.

Survey responses