Martin Bean is my favourite Microsoft presenter. He delivers his presentations with fantastic passion,and really grabs you at an emotional level. In some ways, he always leaves me feeling inadequate, either because I aspire to reach his level of presentation skills, or because I sit thinking “What am I doing every day dealing with details, when I should be transforming something big”.

This morning, he presented a keynote at the NAACE Conference, and although I was originally scheduled to share the same stage (would have been a big moment for me) that was before I got bumped off NAACE to go and work on another thing. Fortunately a colleague stepped in to help with the demo in Martin’s keynote, but it meant I was only able to follow his presentation at a distance.

image Martin talked about the journey that we’re on in the use of ICT in education, and increasing student expectations. The slide above is a very neat summary of how ICT can support learning and the education system generally.

You can download his slides from here (as a PDF), and I’ve heard NAACE will be putting his keynote on YouTube soon (details as soon as I’ve got them)