TechNet Conferences

This year, all across education, people are finding it more difficult to justify a day out of the school to attend events. UK visitors to BETT dropped, and many others who are running events in education have reported that it is getting more and more difficult for staff to get permission to leave school.

So this year, we’re going to come to you. Right to your desk. Via the wonders of virtual conferencing. On the 19th June.

Although all of the materials will be available to watch afterwards, via video downloads, the big advantage of ‘attending’ on the day is that there is a chance to ask your own questions, and get answers from some of the most informed people around then and there.

There are two different auditoriums* – one which is deeply techie, and one labelled “IT Management”. The content is pretty varied, including product sessions on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Office Communications Server and SharePoint – as well as longer-term strategy sessions, such as ‘How IT will change over the next 10 years’. And I’ve noticed that Andrew Fryer is running a session on ‘Data Protection Manager’, which has got to be a hot topic for education!

You can find out more, get the agenda, and register at the Technet website

And there’s also a competition to win one of 500 laptop goody bags. Enter the competition here, but obviously, not before reading the small print here.

* What do you think - auditoriums or auditoria? I was in two minds, but when I looked it up in the Cambridge dictionary, it said I was allowed to be - apparently both are acceptable in the UK. I went with the low-brow one :-)
Now, onto peda-gog-y or peda-goj-y?