I know this isn’t specifically educational, but I just feel the need to share.

Having been using Windows 7 for a few weeks, the one feature that just knocks my socks off (and seems so obvious in hindsight) is the way that I can easily split my screen to show two different programmes at the same time. Basically, you grab the title bar of the window – like this:


And then move it over to the left hand or right hand side of the screen. And it neatly changes the window to take up half of the screen.

This is just brilliant. And so obvious.

A lot of the time I’m using a widescreen monitor, and working on documents. Now, I can easily put two things side by side – like my Live Writer window alongside a document windows, or comparing two versions of a document, or having an email open whilst I’m following the instructions in another piece of software.

I had been using Windows 7 for a fortnight before I discovered this by accident. But I use it every day now. Lots.

Perhaps I should make a bit of effort to find out what other usability things have been added…