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Building a school website in SharePoint

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Building a school website in SharePoint

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SharePoint has become an established standard across a large number of schools, local authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia. It is the platform underneath Glow in Scotland, and many of the learning platforms in use in schools. I think one of the key reasons it because it can provide a way to integrate all of the different IT systems across the schools – from your MIS to your learning platform, as well as everyday document management.

Less people are using it to run their external website, ending up with schools with two different web systems, which results in students and staff having two different places to refer for information.

Esher College have standardised onto one technology, and are using SharePoint for their external site too – with help from Parabola Software. Although they have three portals – one for the public site, one for student and one for staff, it is possible to link information between the portals and provided the user has access rights it’s seamless.

I’d be interested in hearing about schools using SharePoint for their external website – just add a comment to the blog, and give a link to yours.

(For more inspiration, take a look at this list of Top 10 SharePoint 2007 sites, with examples from outside of education, worldwide)

  • We're part of the SWGFL's Merlin implementation - - Over the last 2 months I've started using their sharepoint setup to host our main website, click 'Our School' or 'Parents' for public facing material. Students all have an account with secure sites 'my place' (for files and e-portfolios)  or 'students' (for general or curriculum areas). I'm hoping that in the longer term we will get logins for parents to access lessons as well as the MIS (SIMS) data etc.


  • We have been using SharePoint as our bespoke VLE base for the last year and plan to migrate our external site over the summer holiday.

  • We have used sharepoint for a while now as our main school website the biggest plus is that staff can upload documents and put on notices with no support needed a big big plus.

  • Just starting to get to grips with it!


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