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The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

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The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

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I've been away at the corporate mothership this week, over in Seattle (on the left, up near Canada) - the weather has been wetter and colder than at home this week, but when you spend four days in a windowless conference room, the weather's not critical! During these visits, I always learn a big pile of new things which will pop up on the blog over the next few weeks/months.

I think the logo designer obviously watches CSILike today. I discovered that we have a "Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit" (no, they are not the people who created Clippy). They are a team of lawyers, investigators, technical analysts and other specialists working in cooperation with the Trustworthy Computing and Global Corporate Affairs groups at Microsoft to combat digital crime, including crimes against children. In the UK, we work closely with organisations like CEOP, whilst in the US it's collaborating with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the co-founders of the  Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA) to find new ways to put technology to work protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

You can read more about the work with DNA Foundation, and the Digital Crimes Unit, on the Microsoft PressPass site.

* If you think the logo is a bit CSI-like, then take a look at this info about how we use PhotoDNA

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