Last week I spoke with Mark Reynolds, our Schools Business Manager, at the Oxfordshire ICT Conference for schools. Unlike some of these kind of events, they had a large and growing audience, partly through extending the invitation to school governors too. It meant that there was quite a mixed audience, and plenty of diverging discussions in the break.

I’d agreed to give a talk looking beyond the here and now, and unconstrained by the uncertainties of policy and funding.  It was a look over the horizon at the future,  telling a story of how people may work in the future, and the technology and learning implications. I  used our ‘Productivity Vision’ video, which looks at the workplace of 2019, and then continued by deconstructing the technology behind the video – to look at what exists now – either in research labs or in real life - and how the components might build to get to the vision described for the future. Unfortunately, I can’t share the whole presentation (I used a multimedia, interactive piece of software to present it), but I can share the short video that I used as the introduction, which is the starting point for the story I told.

You can view the video on our Officelabs Envisioning website, and you can also watch a video as Ian Sands, Director of Envisioning, steps through the video scene by scene and describes in greater depth the story behind the people and technology on display.