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Another BETT Announcement - Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

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Another BETT Announcement - Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

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This year's BETT is generating plenty of new announcements from us, and here's yet another one.

On Tuesday we announced the availability details for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, which will be available from March this year.

In a nutshell, Windows MultiPoint Server allows you to plug multiple screens into a single machine and gives each user their own virtual computer, with a full PC experience with multimedia, audio, USB ports etc - saving on hardware costs and power consumption. The technical phrase is 'Shared Resource Computing', but basically it means that as you come to replace computers in IT suites and your library, you may be able to save money.

There's a dedicated Windows MultiPoint Server website, and you can find out what customers think about it on the Windows SBS blog, as they have a bunch of short videos, with customers sharing their experiences (and savings!)

  • We are considering using the Windows multipoint server in our school, with a limited budget it appears that it will fit the bill. Are there any reports from schools in the UK that have used this?

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