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Windows Intune Webcast

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Windows Intune Webcast

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Windows Intune is an elegant management solution for academic institutions of all sizes.  Whether you look after a single school or college, or manage a large group of schools, Windows Intune allows institutions to remotely perform PC management and security tasks in the cloud.


From a single console, you can see at a glance the status of your organisations PCs and easily establish whether the latest software updates are applied or the anti-virus definitions are up to date.  

Furthermore, Windows Intune gives you central control to define policies, deploy software and even run anti virus scans, all from a secure web based console.

Windows Intune works on a subscription model so there are no upfront costs for a management infrastructure.

Watch the recent webcast recording to understand more. Alternatively, come and visit us on Stand D30 & D40 at BETT 2012.

  • I'd still like to know what the education pricing for InTune will be. We would very definitely use it if the price was right...

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