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Microsoft Student Tech Clubs

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Microsoft Student Tech Clubs

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There are many ways to learn technology around the world. We realise that sometimes the way students can master professional tools is on their own time with their friends.

Microsoft goal is to support them with the accessss to tools, training and a platform to connect.

Student Tech Clubs are communities of students, problem solvers, challenge seekers, people who love to discover everything they can do with the latest technology.

The program is there to help students to start and run a Student Tech Club at their institution or to help support existing student computer societies.

Tools like surveys, member administration, newsletters, invitations to events, event calendar, support materials created by Microsoft Product Groups, access to speakers and resources are some of the features they can take advantage today using this initiative.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Student Tech Clubs at your school or campus, please see the following presentation which contains all the information and advice.

Originally posted on the UK Microsoft Faculty Connection Blog.

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